Assignment submitted !!! All the little hiccups Ive had in this semester has left me no choice but to do my assignments while on holidays. I am currently staying at Day Dream Island, can you imaging to uni work ?

Anyways, I’m glad to have finally completed my assessment so I am going to go and enjoy what is left of my holiday! 


Yay! Im in the final stages of my assignment! Hope everyone enjoyed the course and learnt as much as I did. I managed it better then I would at first, and it was good to do something other than watch lectures and write two 3000 words assignments! 


Now that prac is over, its time to catch up on assignments.

I hope everyone enjoyed their prac, I certainly did. Previously on prac I have had very well behaved classes. However, this prac I was given a not so well behaved class. It was quite challenging but I enjoyed it because I was able to trial behaviour management strategies I have learnt about in another course this semester. It was also good because I would hate to become a teacher and had never dealt with behaviour issues in the classroom.

First day

So my first day of prac was good. It felt nice going into a familiar environment and not get lost! I have not taught any senior classes and some how ended up with 3 senior class and 1 junior class to teach so far. So tonight and this weekend I will be trying to learn the content for Year 11 maths A. I  did maths B in school and uni basically teaches you maths B plus the higher stuff, so I have never learnt this “easy” real life maths before. Anyone else have this problem ? 

Anyway, Im sure if I get stuck I could do a quick YouTube search and their will be a video explaining the concept.

Hi everyone,

I had a bit of a scroll through some blogs from other students to see what everyone else is thinking about going on prac. I am starting mine tomorrow because as I have to do a make up day, so im feeling a little nervous.

I read a post by Daniellev who has also posted about going on prac. She said shes a bit concerned she might get thrown in the deep end and have to teach with an interactive white board on the first day of prac. I am also concerned about getting thrown in the deep end on my first day, considering I wasn’t able to met my mentor/s before going on prac!So I have no idea what subjects/grades I am teaching as of yet…

Best of luck everyone going on prac!

Take this lollipop

Pretty sure I am going to have nightmares after watching what I just saw! This weeks learning path directed me to go to to see the impact my digital footprint can have. I guess the message is to make sure everything on your profile is private, and only add people as friends that you know. And most importantly, never put addresses or information on your profile which could be access by strangers (or anyone really). 


Hi everyone,

I just completed Module 1 on Connect.ed

I guess the main idea I learnt from the module is to support the use of the online world, but ensure students know the risks involved and help them identify them while online. One thing I learnt from the module was the world “phishing”. I guess the meaning of it makes sense, as we go fishing to find/catch fish; people online go phishing to get peoples personal information/details. This is why its important to teach students about the danger of putting personal information on the internet, were people other than friends can see it.